C1399 Carsun Car Pump 150PSI With 12V Cable Lighter Electric Pump Car Air Pump With Digital Display

13,000 CFA



C1399 Carsun Car Pump 150PSI With 12V Cable Lighter Electric Pump Car Air Pump With Digital Display C1399

Easy to use with automatic pressure adjustment at the touch of a button, includes 3 additional components to inflate car, bike, and motorcycle tires, balls, mattresses, etc. Digital pressure indicator allows the pressure to be adjusted accurately.
The automatic stop of the operation provides precision inflation at the desired pressure / there is no risk of pressure outside the desired limits. Before inflating, you can adjust the pressure you want then the car air compressor starts working, when it reaches the preset value, the car air compressor pump will stop automatically!
Large high-precision and high-brightness illuminated display
It will help you to check the tire pressure and predetermine the tire pressure values. Ideal for emergency conditions on the road at night (flat tire).
In addition, it has a led light that will make your work very easy at night

Easy to use with one button
Quality and compact construction
The metal cylinder of the 22 cm air compressor ensures fast operation and prevention of overheating.
The Car Air Compressor Pump can be operated by connecting it to a 12V DC car cigarette lighter and is useful for inflating applications inside and outside the home.
The powerful 100psi air compressor is suitable for a wide range of inflatable applications
Store the cable and tube on the device
Durable design – for the most demanding inflatable work
Compact design allows easy storage in the vehicle, on shelves, in cabinets, etc.
Easy to use, lightweight
Long cable for connection to the lighter 3 meters
Instructions for use in English
Power: 800W
DC 12V
Full Load Current: 10A – Flow: 35L / min
Maximum air pressure: 100PSI – P
Indications in: PSI, BAR, KPA, KGF / CM2
Inflation time: 2 minutes
Continuous operation: 8 minutes
Cable length: Approx. 3M
Dimensions: 20x16x6 cm

Instructions for use :
First, connect the portable air compressor power cord to the car’s 12V socket. Then push the filler nozzle into the tire valve. Adjust the pressure value required by the tire and press the switch to start inflating. The air compressor pump will turn off automatically when it reaches the desired tire pressure. You do not need to worry about extra air in the tire. More efficient and faster than traditional pumps. Equipped with bright, long-lasting LED lights that can be easily used even in the dark in emergencies. It also has a high-precision and high-brightness display to control the pressure and predetermine the tire pressure values. With 3m power cord (10ft) and adapters (3 extra nozzles) that allow you to get anywhere you need. Suitable for all tires of the car, bicycle, ATV, compact or medium size Sedan, SUV, air mattress, inflatable boats, balls, and other inflatable toys. Not suitable for large trucks.

The Package Includes:

1x Pump
3x Nozzles
1x Manual


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