MIDEA gas cooker – MD-588 – 04 burners – 50×60 – 6 months

135,000 CFA

Brand: MIDEA
Model: MD-588
Number of lights: 04
Temperature control: mechanical
Materials: stainless steel
Lid: Glass
Dimensions: 50×55 Cm
Black color
Warranty: 6 months


MIDEA gas cooker ; Cook effortlessly

Whether you are a home cook or an experienced cook, live on your own or with a large family, or just use your kitchen to heat up leftovers, it’s important to choose your gas stove according to your needs. Buying the wrong equipment can clutter up your kitchen and prevent you from enjoying this moment. So offers you quality in the MIDEA gas stove.
Material Type and Heat Controls

Most regular gas ranges are made of stainless steel to prevent rusting in the humid environment of your kitchen. Although the body of the stove heats up, the metal is durable and not susceptible to damage. The MIDEA gas cooker is made from stainless steel and a glass plate suitable for all your cooking. This removes rust that can degrade your stove. This is an advantage for the durability of your cooker. Wash easily without worries. Note also that this cooker has a powerful gas oven that will allow you delicious pastries of which only you have the secret.
Features of the MIDEA gas cooker

Product: stove
type: gas
Brand: MIDEA
number of lights: 04
temperature control: mechanical
materials: stainless steel
cover: stainless steel
dimensions: 50×55 Cm
weight: 42Kg

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