Professional Condenser Microphone And Sound Card BM800

20,000 CFA

Condenser Microphone Bundle:
-Low Noise – The BM-800 features extremely quiet self-noise, In technical terms: a noise level of just 14 dB(A).
-Thus, it is perfectly suited for vocals and audio drama productions in high definition as well as for demanding samples production and instrumental recordings



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Professional Noise Reduction Technology: Built-in Dual DSP Noise Reduction Chip and ECHO, There are dual DSP noise reduction chips inside the sound card voice changer to avoid the influence of current noise, ensure high-quality sound, and sing beautiful songs. Reverb (ECHO) makes your voice more charming.
High quality desktop recording is made simple! just plug the usb microphone into you computer’s port, it even works automatically with your mac or pc. No drivers required.

Folding design, it is portable and convenient.
Packing & Delivery
Color box packaging with all component in it.

Normally there are stock, and can arrange the shipping as soon as possible

-The BM-800 shock mount suspension isolates your studio microphone from handling and floor noise by decoupling it from the rest of your room.
-It screws into any standard mic stand

-condenser microphone is designed as cardioid for pick up the collected sounds are more focused, and less noise as you speak around the sides and the bottom of the mic, and it is a widely used pattern in professional microphones.

Specifications for mic:
-Frequency range: 20 to 20,000 Hz
-Sensitivity: -32 dB± 2 dB (0 dB= 1V/Pa at 1kHz)
-Max. SPL: 130 dB (at 1kHz ? 1% T.H.D)
-Equivalent noise level: 14 dB-A
-element: 34 Pressure Gradient transducer
-Signal/noise ratio: 80 dB
-Impedance: -Recommended load impedance: >= 1000 ohms
-Connector: 3-pin XLR to IEC

-Length: 16cm
-Diameter : 5cm

Specifications for Sound Card:
-Item Type: Live Sound Card
-Model: V8S
-Material: ABS
-Color: As Pictures Shown
-Battery Type: Lithium Battery
-Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
-Sound Effect Total Length: 90 Seconds
-Working Current: 45mA
-Turn Off Current: 50uA
-Weight: Approx. 480g

-Dynamic Microphone Socket: Dynamic Microphone Hole Allows to Adjust the Volume of Dynamic Microphone by Using Microphone Knob
-Capacitor Socket: The Volume of Capacitor Microphone Can be Adjusted by the Microphone Knob
-Headphone Interface: Headphone Hole, Just Headphones with Microphone Available
-Earplug/Speaker Interface: Earphone, Speaker Hole, Can be Adjusted by Monitoring Knob, Speaker Volume
-Powerful Reverberation Sound Voice Gain

Dimensions: 15115cm

-Length: 41cm
-Width: 25cm
-Height: 8cm


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